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IDEST brand bureau

We guide trademarks on their journey to becoming brands. Our essence is to give shape to ideas in a way that drives business: owners, teams, clients, and partners alike.

Why Branding Matters


Your product may be great, but it doesn’t matter unless those needing it are aware of its existence. So, the product requires attention. Not just anybody’s – the ones it was created for.


Trust is formed through consistency. What the trademark claims and how, what it looks like and how it acts – all of this reflects a unified sense and repeats itself. Otherwise, the audience loses confidence in the product.


The company is conceived by people who have faith in their ideas, and not solely moneymaking. The audience listens to those who show their principles rather than crave to exploit it by any means. Great brands, above all, are distinguished by their culture.


The market is packed with offers for any taste. An exceptional product and service quality become a universal constant. The audience will end up choosing those who sell good spirits.



The process of forming ideas, associations, emotions and values in an acceptable state. Creating a story. Reducing the distance. Branding is needed to build long-term relationships with your closed audience. In the future, it supports operational sales promotion. You can learn more about the meaning of branding

Verbal identity

This is a verbal accessory of the brand. Components: name, descriptor, slogan, description of the company for clients and description as an employing company, additional texts as necessary.

Visual identity

This is the visual aspect of the brand. Components: concept, logo, palette, typographic solution, elements, illustration capabilities and brand images, system.

Advertising campaign

A formalized message, ready for distribution through selected communication channels. Needed to encourage compliance with outside actions.

Communication strategy

The way the world learns about you and is interested in you. Communication is necessary in order to build relationships with your audience. Strategy - in order to move in a clear way, consciously choosing the necessary actions to achieve the goal.

Marketing support

This is the implementation of the company’s marketing strategy through cooperation with the brand bureau. A brand marketer is assigned to the project, who is responsible for achieving marketing goals, plans tasks for the month, records, monitors implementation and finds contractors.

Comparison analysis

Research of selected companies according to specified parameters. We draw up a comparative table of characteristics, study the selected businesses and compile a report.

Customer analysis

Study the experience of consumers of the company's products (services) in order to discover insights or growth points, test a hypothesis, or study the buyer's path and behavior.


A corporate document for improving and accelerating the training of new employees, as well as an information “cheat sheet” for work.

Corporate culture

In simple words, corporate culture = “this is how we do it.” We identify unspoken truths that people want to keep or introduce into the team, fix the rules and formalize everything into a specific charter.

Brand session

This is a business interview-meeting at which, together with the founders and key people of the team, the state of the brand is determined, ideological questions are raised, point A is fixed and point B for brand development emerges.


2 hours of intensive communication with a professional brand manager to promote the company or discuss specific issues.

Commercial proposal

We know how it is important for you to promptly receive an answer regarding the cost of the project. Our proposal is formed individually depending on your needs: just a name, visual identity, complex branding or an advertising campaign. So just write to us at If you would like to fill out the brief right away, the link is below (with the option to choose the most appropriate variant: branding or campaign). However, in any case, please let us know about your request by mail. Thank you!