Family is easy-to-order food in the neighborhood. It's located where people are – near homes, workplaces, and favorite shopping centers. Family prepares sushi, pizza, and wok using quality ingredients at a reasonable price.


To conduct a complete rebranding of the existing chain of establishments. To develop a new visual identity and communication strategy.

What we have done

We started by doing some serious market research, like you would expect. We learned all about our competition and what folks want from take-out food places. We did a bunch of surveys and made a list of the good and bad things about similar places because there are lots of places in the city that serve pizza and sushi. We needed to find a way to be different. Then, we used that info to create a new image for the business.

First, we tackled the brand basics — the name and what it's all about. We started with the idea that everyone should find something they love in this place, so no more settling for what's just okay. Sushi for mom, wok for dad, and pizza for the kiddos, all under one roof. We ditched the unnecessary stuff from our old name (Sushi Family), and now it's just Family. The name is simpler, but it sticks in your mind. We're all about being family-friendly, so we've got something for everyone. And the best part is that the name matches our main idea, which is now shortened to Because We are Family.

We also came up with the slogan Order in Advance to show that we're all about quick and convenient orders, and you can pick up your food close to home whenever you want. We wanted the brand to be super easygoing and appealing to parents, teenagers, and students who just want a tasty snack. And we didn't forget about coming up with a plan to keep growing our fan base.

As for our look, we decided to mix up the three types of food Family serve — pizza, wok, and sushi — in visual identity. We used colorful shapes that blend together to make something new and eye-catching. So, even in a busy street or mall, you won't miss Family. The logo is simple and includes Family name.

Finally, we made pizza, wok, and sushi packaging, uniforms for the crew, and improved how Family look in malls. We also thought about different ways to advertise and designed stuff for social media.

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