New brand

Funter’s – Ukrainian fun snacks! Fun – is a style of life. Funster – it’s a bright personality who meets a new day with a smile and reacts on any events with a humour. This pack of tasty snacks is for funsters from funsters ;)


To create a name and a charismatic pack.

What we have done

We’ve created the name and the charismatic pack. As a matter of fact, we have checked which snacks there are on Ukrainian market and in the world in general. We have talked to a person who adores them and buys regularly in order to understand what they taste like and what are their highlights. We’ve organized a map of different possible wrappings so as to choose among them our own way to the lover’s heart. As a result, we’ve narrowed down our choice to a playful concept and illustrations in design. Have a look.

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