New brand

UNCO is an industrial and manufacturing company that produces building materials. UNCO focuses on innovation in the industrial sector and above all it respects the professionalism of each team member.


Develop a brand name, concept and its verbal and visual identity. We had to build the brand of the industrial company from scratch.


What we have done

Before we started to develop the concept, we had researched the market: how do industrial companies position themselves, what is their identity, and what are their strengths? As a result, we saw that generally everything was quite simple: companies focus on the uniqueness of materials and technologies that are used in production. In visual eidetic, gray concrete slabs are portrayed in the logo and other media by majority of companies. And no one talks about people.

Therefore, we went from the opposite and the person was taken as the basis of the UNCO concept — a specialist who understands his business and knows what to do in a particular situation for the best result. We assumed that the human factor plays almost the most important role in the production process. No matter how modern and innovative technologies are, without the specialist, they will not work or will not work properly.

Such way the concept of UNCO was created — uniqueness of: people, minds, approaches and ideas. Person has become a shape-creating image for building both positioning and visual identity. The font logo is designed in such a way that when you move the letters, it forms a human figure. In addition, it is created on the basis of a recognizable visual image that immediately gives an understanding of the specifics of the company's activities — concrete slabs.

We have chosen rich blue as the main color, as it differentiates UNCO from other companies quite noticeably.

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