Show Time Dance Festival

Visual identity

Show Time Dance Festival is a dance festival that was planned for May 2020, but for technical reasons did not take place. Nevertheless, by the time it was launched, all the necessary materials were ready. And we like them very much, so we are happy to share them.


Any mass event comes with many points of contact, both online and offline. Social media posts, ads, badges, outdoor designs, uniforms, and more. It takes more than just a logo to design all the surfaces.


What we did

The idea was based on the wave of rhythm that every dancer feels when he expresses his dance pattern. This image was successfully incorporated into the logo through the letters "W" and "M". We further developed it as a key, turned it into an endless line, added dices and drive. Light social media animation brought the image to life. Fine lines and outlines worked in contrast. The base colors were black and white, according to the classics. Bright colors defined directions and styles.


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