Amel medical group

new brand


Create an overall concept expressing harmony between the multiple areas of the company’s activity. Show their connection in a way that preserves each area’s specialization, yet where that essential overlap, a story they share, and a common background remain.

The client already had a basis for their corporate identity: the Amel Medical Group logo as well as the logo of a business branch — Amel Dental Clinic.

Abandoning any of that was not a plan, but further fine-tuning and corrections were required to upgrade the design while preserving the core emerald colour.

What we did

— altered the font for more conciseness

— added some “airiness” and lightness to the composition

The next stage was to develop visuals for three other areas (Dental Store; CAD/CAM Lab; Dental Hub) as well as one common concept and palette to fit all of the above.


The idea came from the observations of all daily clinic operations, which was its objective value along with the visual aesthetics.

‘It’s just unbelievable, like being in space!’ exclaim those entering the clinic for the first time. That’s how the decision was made: the brand would reflect the conclusions patients reach after visiting the clinic: cutting-edge technology, medical staff expertise, equipment reliability and advanced opportunities.

Translated from Greek, the word ‘space’ means order. The world is harmonious and operates in accordance with its own laws. We learn such laws and make use of them for our benefit, using the developments of medicine, technology and innovations.

The concept involves the core proportionate design of all logos — a circle as the ideal shape and representation of cosmic harmony. Then, the plot unfolds according to the rules of the real story.

The Amel Universe:

— The Sun — Amel Medical Group logo, the center orbited by

— 4 planets – areas of business (Dental Clinic, Dental Store, CAD/CAM Lab, Dental Hub)

The prospects for future development are perfectly integrated into this appealing, well-thought-out and rounded diagram: it’s the opening and exploration of new planets.


— Amel Universe key messages:

— infinity of space

— geometric perfection of planetary orbits

— notion of dynamic body movement

— future technology available now.

Color scheme:

— emerald, representing unlimited energy on the one hand, holistic natural calmness and harmony on the other;

— graphite, representing stability, rationality and strive for improvement. In mythology, it is associated with Saturn, the God of time and wisdom.

— ochre — calmness that helps one balance their internal emotional state, dispose of stress and anxiety; it is combined with juicy and wet shades (green, blue);

— light-blue — innocent and pure, radiating reliability, reducing stress and adding comfort.

It’s a color of “calm emotion”, it expands space;

— lilac reduces anxiety, embodies intuition and has a soft, caring impact;

— red represents leadership and persistence in achieving goals as well as creation, dynamism and pioneering.

These basic, even somewhat archetypal colors and shapes convey the brand’s substantial scope, emphasize the divisions’ hierarchy, and provide a deeper understanding of patients’ needs in terms of space and conditions of quality for a healthy lifestyle.


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