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A dance band originally from Dnepr. A dance school with a very own APmosphere)

It's time for a real change. The launch of the new branch in the centre has prompted a rebirth of the school's image and visual presentation. AP was started with one hall on the city's suburbs, grew intensively and successfully transformed into a branch network. Positioning was implicit and the manner of branding depended on the situation and designers. Standards were missing. There was a lack of clear identity. Due to the business growth and the consequent necessity for clear communication with an audience, our services were more relevant than ever.

What we have done

Firstly, we discussed in detail with the founders, interviewed the trainers, and conducted meetings with existing clients and guests of the school. We analyzed other dance spaces and identified where we would like to place ourselves in the market. There was an idea to change the name, but we prioritised an already established phrase. We decided to play with letters and put into circulation the abbreviation "AP," which is similar to the English "UP". To convey the emphasis on the special atmosphere that just attracts all dancers from choreographers to students. We invented a catch phrase: "APmosphere Band: dance & family. This way we get "our APmosphere" as a key value proposition. We picked up the mission statement and at the same time the expression of the approach: "To teach how to do as you want to do it".

"A dance band, a community of our own. We're APdancers. We first train the proper way, so as a result we can dance the way we want to dance and we always want more. AP!"

We've infused the visual with vibrant, energetic colour to build a sense of movement, dynamism and positive emotion into the identity. The two stripes express the image of the student and his teacher, which is the backbone of the school. Every newly formed dancer needs to be taken on a journey of formation together, side by side. Company logo like a superhero badge either Marvel Avengers or DC League Community for their own, the band, the family, where the APmosphere!

For the younger audience, we've created ARchie, a branded character who also learns to dance, even if he looks very clumsy.)

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