New brand

DRIVE ME is a platform for taxi drivers’ development; those who have evolved into drivers controlling not only their cars, but also their career and professional skills.

Concept: a redesigned drivers service. Infrastructure. Context. Taxi driver is a contemporary line of work, prestigious and trendy in its own way. A driver can be neat if they’ve got all the conditions for it. DRIVE ME creates these conditions.

The logo came naturally – from covers and posters. Concise, markedly simple and with no complications; but, self-confident, eye-catching and persistent. Like that of our hero, its character is straightforward and bold.

What we have done

Graphics: embody the aesthetics of the future, the future you run yourself. Every element speaks for it: from the car’s navigation bar to the engine’s parts animated with maximum detail. All of this indicates accuracy, sharpness and the realness of achieving a goal.

Color scheme:

  • clean contrast colors;
  • color-block;
  • inversion.

More projects